Form a Honey Habit

Want a resolution you can stick to? Use more honey! Replacing sugar with honey in your baking or using honey as an ingredient in your cooking has multiple benefits – and it’s a simple switch. (What benefits? Read the HIVE article here.) No expensive gym membership, no setting the alarm an hour earlier – just honey. Now that’s a sweet start to 2020.

Here’s a new year, new goal for you: bring more interesting lunches to work. Skip the sandwich and side of fruit – that’s so 2019 – and try a vibrant salad. You’ll get your greens without tasting like it.

January is soup season. Unofficially, but officially according to Sioux Honey. Because what’s better than curling up after a long day with a warm bowl of soup? Nothing. Except for a warm bowl of soup with honey, of course.

Keeping up with your resolutions takes time, but that doesn’t mean your taste buds should have to suffer the consequences. These six recipes are quick, delicious and share-worthy.

Skip the snooze and make yourself a bright and tasty smoothie. Naturally sweetened with honey and full of blended fruits and veggies, these recipes add an extra pep to your early-morning steps.

Go ahead, pick a recipe and get started on that honey habit. We have a feeling you’ll have no problem sticking to a resolution this sweet.


You’re hooked, aren’t you? Don’t worry, we have more. Just click below.

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