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Citrine personality. November birthstone. Scorpio birthstone. Sagitarius birthstone.

Citrine is a magnet for manifestation. What you wish, you will, so you do and then you be.

Live the life you’ve always wanted. Thus spoke the magic of citrine. Coaxing inspiration and enlightenment from the nooks and crannies, the darkest and hardest to reach corners; it takes a drop of citrine’s light. This golden girl glows like honey, warm and sweet but with a zing of wham bam thank-you ma’am. It gets the job done, bum bum. And with just the right amount of humor. 

Citrine sparkles yellow with health and abundance. It masters the art of more, without going over the top. It lets you live long and prosper, in life, love, and everything in between. They used to call it “The Merchant’s Stone”, and with good reason. It’s a stone that lights the fire, tends to it even in the wind, and lets it burn bright to shine the way for others.

Like many other rocks, citrine was formed deep in the Earth’s belly. So you see how this gem has been through heat and fire, cradled by lava as she cruised the Earth’s crust. 

raw citrine stone

If you love the look of citrines in their raw form, check out our Rough Citrine Rings with Hidden Gems.

This powerful crystal is often found sharing the nest with amethyst, the purple variety of quartz. Amethyst and citrine are more similar than you think - the two of them share the same molecular structure, with a difference only in oxidation level. You can even find stones that feature both the lovely warm tones of citrine, and the vibrant purple tones of amethyst - these unique stones are known as ametrine. A blend of the two sister stones.


Namesake: the French citron, meaning “lemon

While rubies and sapphires were the stones of royalty, citrine was the talisman of the knights and warriors. You’d see them embellished into swords and daggers because citrine was believed to guard you from dark magic.

Or gloomy hearts and moody days.  

Big dreams, whole hearts, these are what citrine is made of. It’s a happy rock. It sings in the rain, makes angels in the snow, snuggles in a storm, glows in the dark, dances with wolves and fears, shines through the tears, brings sexy back, is the life of the party, breakdances in case of emergency, rolls with the hustle, radiates with the vigor of the universe with all its moons and stars aligned. Citrine tells you, “You got this,” but most of all, it reminds you that actually, you had it all along.


citrine rings in silver

Which of these pieces of jewelry from our citrine collection speaks to you?

Birthstone for: November

Citrine zodiac sign: Scorpio (23 October - 21 November) and  Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December)

Citrine chakra

  • The fourth chakra - the Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra.

    Here is the center for your creative willpower and self esteem; the source of energy to fulfill your wildest dreams. Use citrine whenever you’re feeling sluggish (or when you’ve been indoor too much!) to lighten things up and help you move forward.

  • The seventh chakra - the Crown chakra or the sahasrāra chakra. 

    Just like the sun, the Crown chakra is where the source of life flows from. A healthy crown chakra allows natural cleansing of the mind and keeps us with a healthy sense of self.

How citrine fits into your life:

  • Birthstone for November

  • Cancer 

  • Your darling on your 17th anniversary 

  • New moms

  • Your business partner

  • November vixens


  • Health

  • Inspiration

  • Abundance

  • Creativity

  • Confidence

  • Happiness

  • Stamina and energy

  • Light-heartedness

  • Joy

Use for:

  • Getting it, all of it

  • Starting a new business

  • Brainstorming 

  • Moving forward

  • Getting infectiously happy

  • Finding a fulfilling job or activity

  • Rolling deep

  • Becoming super human

  • Living your dream


citrine origin map

Natural citrine is quite the phenomena. This popular yellow gemstone mostly comes in a more translucent color of greenish yellow. A deeper yellow shade of citrine can be found dotting Russia’s mountainous range. Heated or not, citrine is a joyful thing.  

Our citrines are sourced from: Brazil and USA. 


Tough Love level: 

7 Mohs scale of hardness with ‘good’ toughness. Good news: citrine can withstand daily wear. Citrine doesn’t scratch or break easily, so it’s a good gemstone to choose for your everyday ring. 

Common treatments: 

Heat treatment. Citrine’s color is often achieved by heat treating quartz. For your daily use, avoid prolonged exposure to intense light as its color can fade. 

Cleaning, care, and caution: 

Use warm, soapy water, preferably made from natural ingredients, like our lerak jewelry wash. Ultrasonic cleaner is generally fine to use except if your citrine is dyed or treated by fracture filling. We don’t recommend using steam cleaning since its color might fade. 

CITRINE’S colors

Citrine colors
  • Pale Citrine

    A super pale, lightly tinted citrine, that's almost colorless!

  • Lemon Quartz Citrine

    A cool shade of yellow, a light citrusy color without any reddish or brownish tints. It's often irradiated to achieve this color!

  • Golden Citrine 

    A deep orange-yellow color. Straddling the line between light and dark.

  • Palmeria Citrine 

    An orange-amber color with brownish tones, super rich and warm.

  • Madeira Citrine 

    A natural highly saturated orange hue, like the color of sunset.

  • Ametrine

    Showing off the sisterhood between citrine and amethyst, ametrine shows a blend of citrine's yellow and amethyst's purple.


the quartz stone family

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth and one that you’d find everyday. If you’re looking at that soft, glittering pile of dust gathering in the corner, then you’re looking at quartz. 

Quartz crystal comes in a range of colors, including purple (amethyst) and orange (citrine). These colors are the result of impurities. In its purest form, quartz crystal takes on a white to clear appearance. Quartz may appear milky or transparent. 

Fun fact: quartz sits on 7 Mohs scale of hardness. Since it can be found in the air, choose everyday gemstone which is harder than quartz to prevent scratches. Read more about hardness vs toughness of gemstone



You can build your own citrine dream ring in gold or maybe check out our other custom gold birthstone rings!

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Custom gold birthstone ring
Custom gold citrine ring

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